About us

Lighting Scene UK was 1st created as a Facebook group for like minded enthusiasts who like aftermarket lighting on their cars. The group has now grown to over 5.7k members from all over the UK with different abilities and style.

When members enquired about lighting the group admin would regularly direct people to Lightfx Lighting due to their quality of service and products. The founders of Lightfx Lighting have had many years experience with custom LED lighting projects.

So in 2021 both Lighting Scene UK and Lightfx Lighting decided to join forces to create an online service offering a range of lighting for all budgets. With the option of customisation. This puts us in a prime position to offer extremely personalised advice relevant to your specific idea or project.

The shared knowledge and experience from both brands creates a one stop shop for all your lighting needs. Not only for your vehicle but for your home too.

If you are unsure what lighting would best suit your needs or just want further information on any of our products then please feel free to contact us via the contact us page, Facebook, Instagram or simply join our group on Facebook.

Our dedicated team have the technical capabilities to deliver high quality electronics and are totally committed to offering an outstanding level of service because, for us, long-term relationships are central to our business ethos.

We welcome all enquiries whether for large or small volume orders and we pride ourselves on offering a fast and efficient response at all times.

We look forward to hearing from you.