Flexidriver + LED Driver
User Manual Iceled Flexidriver+ integrates a multi-function lighting controller with three channels of proportional power delivery for common RGB lighting loads such as flexible LED tape. Control modes include: Independent Hue, Saturation and Brightness adjustment  Smooth colour scroll with adjustable speed  Sound reactive Hue/Brightness with adjustable response  Automatic fade up/down...
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Pixel LED Driver
User Manual ICELED Pixel Drivers are used to interface UFO tube channels to arbitrary lengths of WS2811 or WS2812 based Pixel Tape for use in addition, or as a flexible alternative to ICELED tubes. The driver can be set to ‘fill’ any number of pixels from 3 to 200 with...
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Flexidriver LED Driver


User Manual ICELED Flexidriver can be used with or without an external controller and allows the ability to drive RGB Tape. It has a stand-alone mode which allows gradual colour phasing, any colour can be locked by briefly switching the power off and back on within 1-2 seconds and to...
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