LED Floor Lamp
Lighting Scene UK Pixel Floor Lamp This Floor Lamp is a great addition to any room which will create a lighting mood to suit all. Simple and unassuming, this lamp has been developed with corners in mind. The discreet form factor and diffused light strip allows the Pixel Floor Lamp...
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RGB LED Scanner


$111.17 +
User Manual ICELED Scanner is a self-contained scanning light source housed in a 20" long tube. In keeping with all other ICELED light sources, scan patterns can appear in over 2 million different colours. The scanner can be used with or without external control. More Details:ICELED Scanner integrates a total...
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Matrix RGB Module


User Manual ICELED MATRIX is a highly versatile light source that packs powerful illumination into a low-profile module that can be mounted virtually anywhere. A built-in colour-change programme makes it suitable for stand-alone operation or alternatively it can be connected to any ICELED controller.More Details:ICELED MATRIX can be used with...
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User Manual ICELED Gem is a miniature 'plug & play' light source that produces an incredibly big beam for such a tiny device. It will fit as a direct replacement for the 1.5" long 5 or 10 watt lamp found in many automotive interior lights. It can also be used...
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RGB Flood Light
User Manual Iceled light sources are driven in an entirely different way than the cheap imports that are flooding the markets at the moment.The end result is that this RGB Flood is almost three times as bright i.e. an Iceled 10 Watt has the equivalent light output to an imported...
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Sky Strobe RGB LED Nav Light

Sky Strobe

$24.78 +
ICELED Sky Strobe provides a powerful combination of strobe and navigation light capable of displaying any of seven user-determined colours for use on all forms of R/C models and multi-rotor platforms. While requiring no more than a simple battery connection, each device has a Sync/control wire that can be connected...
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Underbody LED Bars

LED Bars

$61.79 +
User Manual ICELED LED bars are available in different lengths to suit a wide variety of applications. Each bar contains a series of individually addressable pixels and can be supplied in lengths of .5m, 1m, 1.5m and 2m. Normally associated with ICELED UFO, these bars can also be connected to...
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LED RGB Modules
These RGB IP65 (water-resistant) modules are available in Black or White and are in a continuous string of 20 Modules, 75mm apart. They can be cut anywhere between the modules and come with a 3M adhesive backing for easy application. Module Dimensions: 68mm Long x 20mm Wide x 7mm High...
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