DMX 512 Bridge Controller

DMX 512 Bridge

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The ICELED DMX 512 Bridge allows you to create four independent lighting zones with a single 9-bit address. Control all your ICELED light sources or LED Drivers from the industry-standard DMX512 Lighting network and ditch the extra power cables — all while getting maximum creative control and convenience! Unleash your inner lighting guru and dazzle the world.


  • Nominal supply voltage: 12 Volts DC (1) 
  • Standby current drain: 0.02 Amps (all channels zero) 
  • Maximum load current: 10 Amps 
  • Data input: DMX512 
  • Dimensions: 120mm x 112mm x 45mm
  • Connects to all ICELED light sources including our other RGB Products when used with a Flexidriver

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