Iceled Flexidriver+
Iceled Flexidriver+
Iceled Flexidriver+
Iceled Flexidriver+

Iceled Flexidriver+

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Iceled Flexidriver+ integrates a multi-function lighting controller with three channels of proportional power delivery for common RGB lighting loads such as flexible LED tape.

Control modes include:
  • Independent Hue, Saturation and Brightness adjustment 
  • Smooth colour scroll with adjustable speed 
  • Sound reactive Hue/Brightness with adjustable response 
  • Automatic fade up/down with adjustable Brightness for power saving
  • Two Program stores for instant recall of all mode settings FLEXIDRIVER+ also provides a standard ICELED digital lighting data Input/Output for optional integration with other ICELED light sources, controllers and drivers. Simple Master/Slave functionality provides local/remote control of the RGB outputs when “data connected” to other ICELED products.
Automatic dimmer:

FLEXIDRIVER+ constantly monitors the sound level in the local environment, judging whether the surrounding space requires the full level of lighting or not.

After five minutes of unbroken silence, if either Program (A or B) is active, the lighting level is gently reduced to a pre-set level in order to manage power consumption.


Nominal supply voltage: 12~24 Volts DC (Via 2.1mm DC Jack, centre +Ve) Maximum switched current: 5 Amps (per channel) Maximum “through” current: 15 Amps Data accepted: Global ICELED, UFO tube segment 0, pixel 0 Dimensions: W 50mm H 50mm D 15mm

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